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Audio Recordings for choir

Firstly can I remind you that recording for the choir is not absolutely imperative and I am well aware that the technical aspect of this will prove way too intimidating for some of you. Remember we are doing this to enjoy ourselves so do not add stress, it isnʼt necessary. There will be enough Iʼm sure that will cope.




You will need 2 devices.
Device one (such as a computer, phone, tablet) will play your track. You will need to be able to plug headphones into this device. Because we are using headphones, when you record, we will only get your voice and not the backing track which is the aim. For this reason, you have the option to sing along to just the backing track, the full vocal arrangement or the individual Sop, Alt, Bar lines. The latter will be helpful to those not so super confident with holding a harmony line on their own without a choir around them. The beauty is... no one will know what you used so you can tell a big fat lie !


Device two is what you will record on. I use the ‘Voice Memoʼ app on my iPhone but I know there are equivalents on android phones. You can usually find these same recording apps on an iPad or tablet too.



Open the recording app and place this device on a surface fairly close to you (but not too close). It isnʼt necessary to sing straight into the phone. I usually place mine on the table in front of me.

Pop the headphones on.

Press ‘recordʼ on the recording app and then press play on the track. Go ahead and record. You can start again as many times as you like.

When you have finished singing, stop the recording.




Be careful when you listen back. You will hate it!!! No one likes their own voice recorded and it always sounds pretty dreadful without the music in the background. Remember that there may be parts of the song that are too high or too low. I would advise to omit these lines (just go silent) instead of straining.

Please do your best to pick up as little background noise as possible .

When your are as happy as you can be (remember I can work a little magic in the studio, you will have an option to share this recording.

Sending Your Recordings - hints and tips

There are a few options to send me your audio or video files.

1. Email

This is probably the simplest option for audio files. Please send the file to Make sure your name is on the email! Note that this is unlikely to work for video files as they may be too big to email.

2. Upload Files

Use the button on the 'Upload Files' page to send the files directly. Click on the 'Direct Upload' button and follow the instructions. This is the best approach for video, but will also work well for audio files.

3. Upload to DropBox

If you already use DropBox with me, then you can upload the files to your  personal folder (but please send me an email letting me know!)

4. WhatsApp

 If you are using a Smartphone then you can send the files using WhatsApp. Use the 'ChoirandKo Uploads' Group.

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